Even if it seems to be impossible, it’s so easy to prepare the “taralli pugliesi” at home!

You can keep them in a jar for many weeks (if you don’t eat them before!) and they are excellent as a snack or as an appetizer with salami and cheeses or with vegetables in oil.

You can flavour them however you like, with chili pepper, pepper or seeds.


500 gr extra fine flour

one glass of white wine

half a glass of evo oil

one tsp of salt

chili pepper or pepper, seeds (fennel, sesame) to taste


Kneed the flour with oil, salt and white wine adding what you like more (one tsp of chili pepper or pepper or one tbsp of seeds that you prefer) and kneed until the compound is homogeneous.

Take small pieces of compound and make many little salami about 4 inches lenght and close them giving the taralli shape.

Boil few taralli per time in not salty water until they come up, then bake them at 390°F for 30 minutes.

Try to wait until they became tepid and…enjoy them!

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