“Sbrisolona”in northern Italy dialect means something which creates a lot of crumbles, so finally the crumbles have their dignity back!

It’s a delicious, poor and so tasty cake coming from Mantova in the north of Italy, but it’s well known in other regions as well.

It’s perfect for the morning breakfast, for a snack, or to end a sunday lunch with a nice glass of grappa.

Take notes to start shopping!


200 g of flour

200 g of maize flour

200 g of peeled almonds (and someone with the skin to decorate the cake)

200 g of sugar

150 g of butter

2 egg yoks

one lemon grated skin


Chop the almonds fine.

Make a fountain with two flours, chopped almonds, sugar, lemon skin and add the egg yoks in the centre.

Start kneeding and slowly add the butter.

The compound has to be granular, lumpy, not smooth and compact. You will need to see the crumbs!

Put the compound in a baking pan with a baking paper foil and finish to put it with your finger tip.

Decorate the cake surface with some entire almonds and bake it at 320°F for 40 minutes.

Once you take the cake out of the oven put some icing sugar on top.

And now…enjoy it!

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