Enjoy one of the most famous Italian soups, the Tuscan Ribollita (which means “boiled twice”), made special by the black cabbage taste and so easy to prepare.

More there will be cold more its leaves will be tasty.

Prepare the spoons and expecially a clay pot!


1 black cabbage bunch (about 1 kilo)

1 greens bunch (about 700 g)

1 leek

1 onion

2 potatoes

2 carrots

2 blanched celery

300 g of white beans

evo oil to taste

salt and pepper

some slices of stale bread


Soak the beans for one night in cold water, then cook in few salty water, a bit of evo oil and some sage leaves.

Drain them and keep the cooking water.

Put the hard central part of black cabbage leaves away.

In a clay pot make a soffritto with evo oil and the sliced onion, add all the other vegetables roughly cut and cook them slowly for 10 minutes.

Then add, not drowning the vegetables, some vegetable stock, a bit of beans cooking water and the beans.

If you like, you can blend the half part of the beans.

Add salt and pepper and let cook slowly for about two hours, then switch the flame off and let everything stand for one night.

The day after you will be ready for ribollita!

Bring slowly the soup to the boil, add a slice of stale bread for each person and wait until the bread is completely unmade (about 10 minutes).

Let it stand for few minutes and serve with a good evo oil (Tuscan one would be great!) and now…enjoy your work!

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