The summer is coming and here I am with a nice idea for a cool and healthy aperitif.

No alcohol, vegetarian, easy to prepare and so tasty.

Your guests will finally kiss and make up cucumbers, discovering that they are good not only in Greek salad…

Ladies and gentlemen, the Spanish Gazpacho!

You will love it, Ginger’s guarantee.


600 gr tomatoes in the vine

1 cucumber

1 red Tropea onion

1 green pepper

½ red pepper

1 clove of garlic

100 gr stale bread crumb

½ glass of white (or apple) vinegar

2 tbsp evo oil




Soak the stale bread crumb in a bowl and cover with cold water and vinegar.

In the mean time peel the tomatoes (boil them in water for one or two minute to do it easily) and remove the seeds.

Then cut them roughly and put in the mixer together with peppers, peeled cucumber, clean onion and garlic.

Add 2 tbsp of evo oil and mix until reaching a creamy and smooth compound.

Add the squeezed bread, salt, pepper and few drops of vinegar (the taste of vinegar has to be gently present) and mix again for few seconds.

Let the gazpacho stand in the fridge for 3 or 4 hours before serving it.


The gazpacho can be served as an aperitif or as a starter, in both cases very cold.

As aperitif, the gazpacho can be more liquid, in this case you can filter it before adding the bread or dilute it with some ice cubes.

As a starter the gazpacho can be creamier.

Serve it in a small bowl or in a short tumbler glass with some evo oil, fresh ground pepper and a basil leaf.

To taste directly from the glass as a cocktail or with a spoon.

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