A delicious soup, very easy to prepare and happily poor: it comes again from Roman and Neapolitan tradition. Pasta with potatoes: a very ancient union coming from hanger and necessity to eat spending few money.

But the taste is great, as in every poor dish, and we adore it since the first spoon!

Try it in cold and grey days to warm you up and to discover the intense flavour of simplicity. Everybody will love it!



1 carrot

1 stick of celery

½ onion

1 clove of garlic

150 g of high sliced pancetta (not smoked)

3 big potatoes

some spoon of tomato sauce

200 g of short-shaped pasta

evo oil

chili pepper




matured roman pecorino cheese (grated)


Put in a pan few drops of evo oil and add chopped carrot, onion, celery and pancetta. Let everything cook slow together with garlic, chili pepper, one laurel leave and rosemary. After 10-15 minutes add potaotes cut in small cubes. Mix well, remove the aromatic herbs and garlic and add some spoon of tomato sause, just to colour a bit the soupe.

Cover potatoes with hot water and cook them on a slow flame for about 30 minutes or anyway until they are very soft. Add salt and pasta, which has to cook together with potatoes. If necessary, add hot water, but the final texture of the soup has to be quite thick.

Finish the dish with a very good evo oil and abundant grated Roman pecorino cheese.

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