Basil, sage, rosemary, majoram and many other perfumes are coming for summer to enrich in flavour our recipes.
But what do we have to do to create both in summer and in winter a beautiful garden of delights?
You can plant the aromatic plants even on your house terrace just following few simple rules:

Sun light is of primary importance. If your terrace is in the shadow, you have to renounce to basil, sage or rosemary, but you can plant mint, balm, horseradish or ursinum garlic.

When you buy your plants in plastic pot, put them in larger ones where they can grow better, having more nourishment.

You can plant different qualities of aromatic plants in the same pot except arugola that needs its own space because is invasive. Be careful also with sage, rosemary and wild fennel: they need loneliness in a pot 15 inch deep at least, because they branch a lot.
If you put two plants in the same pot, you will help them to react to the water stress if you forget watering because they will share the nourishment. But hurry up anyway!

The flowers of the aromatic plants are edible, use them in salads or on cheeses.

What about winter? Except basil, all the aromatic plants survive during the winter even outdoor. Just put the pots on the pavement, next to a south exposed wall to protect them from the direct cold air. Parsley, on the contrary, needs to be covered.

Towards the end of the summer you can dry the herbs to keep them for the winter. Put them upside down in a very dry and shady place. You can keep them in jars or in paper bag and use them for cooking or to prepare mint, sage or wild fennel herbal tea.

Try all of them!

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