A tasty entry to be eaten not just with bread but with so many other food.

Black olives tapenade is an option instead of the always tasty olives patè: the flavour is richer because of capers, anchovies, garlic and the oregano fresh note.

Get the jars ready, you will need so little time that you won’t believe it!



160 g Gaeta black olives

2 tbsp of capers in salt

4 anchovies in salt or in oil

half clove of garlic

evo oil to taste (at least half a glass)

oregano to taste


Stone the olives and remove salt from the capers rinsing them under water many times.

In a mortar, or with a blender, work all the ingredients adding slowly the evo oil, until reach a creamy consistency.

Add the oregano at the end according to your tastes.

Put the tapenade in jar, then start the pasteurization process putting the jar in a large pot and cover it with water that you will slowly make boil. From the boiling point, let it there for more or less 20 minutes. If the pasteurization process has not been successful just repeat it.

…yes, it’s done!

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