Beautiful winter side dish typical from Rome and since now coming to Rome is not the only way to enjoy them! Ginger has prepared the recipe for you…let’s start working!


4 artichokes

5 potatoes

1 lemon

2 cloves of garlic

2 anchovies in oil (at will)

red chili pepper (at will)

½ a glass of white wine



evo oil



1 sheet of straw paper


Clean the artichokes removing the external hard leaves and the external part of the sticks.

Dip the artichokes in cold water with the squeezed lemon to not oxidize them and to make them softer and cook well.

Then drain the artichokes and put in the centre a bit of salt, pepper, half anchovy fillet, chopped parsley and calamint.

Cut potatoes in big pieces and artichokes sticks in half.

In a large non-stick pot with high rims cook garlic until golden brown, then remove it, and red chilli pepper at will. Put the artichokes upside down close to each other and all around put the potatoes ant the artichokes sticks.

Cook until golden brown then put white wine and let it evaporate.

Cover with straw paper sheet to create a sort of cover and the close the pot with the real one.

Cook on a slow flame for one hour, turn potatoes after half a hour then don’t touch them anymore.

Roman artichokes are ready!

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