If you love eggplants and you want to enjoy them this winter as well, run at the market to buy the last ones of the season (before the invasion of greenhouse ones, without any flavour).

As usual, grandmothers are wise putting in jars during the summer everything we cannot find in winter…could we be so wise too?

This recipe is thanks to a close friend of mine, very expert at putting fruits and vegetables in jar.

Enjoy this delicacy!


10 dark violet eggplants

1 lt white vinegar

1 lt water

½ lt olive oil

½ lt seeds oil

fine salt to taste

oregano to taste

dry chilli pepper to taste


Peel the eggplants, cut in slices, then in sticks like one finger big, trying to remove the seeds in excess.

In a big bowl put a thick layer of eggplants and cover with a tbsp of fine salt to spill the water and keep going like this with every layer.

Cover the eggplants with a plate and put some heavy weights and let them stand for 20/24 hours.

Then, throw the water away and squeeze well the eggplants.

In a pot boil 1 litre of white vinegar and 1 litre of water and cook the eggplants for not more than 4/5 minutes.

Drain them and let them stand on a clean dishcloth until cold and squeeze them as much as possible with another clean dishcloth.

Put in jars the eggplants using a fork and make compact layers of eggplants, oregano, chilli pepper.

Cover each layer with half olive oil and half seeds oil, finishing last layer with a pinch of oregano.

Then start the pasteurization process putting the jars in a large pot and cover with water that will slowly boil. From the boiling point, let them there for more or less 30 minutes. If the pasteurization process has not been successful just repeat it.

Keep the jars in the dark and wait at least one month before eating your eggplants!

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