Here a new way to use the incoming savoy cabbage.

This stuffed pizza is a nice idea for a quick dinnner, for a sunday snack or for an aperitif.

From Lazio and Campania regional tradition, a tasty way to use every kind of vegetable!


500 g of pizza dough

500 g of savoy cabbage

1 handful of pine-nuts

1 handful of raisins

1 clove of garlic

2 anchovies in oil

red chili pepper to taste


In a pan cook the garlic until golden brown, then remove it. Add the chili pepper, then the anchovies and let them melt on a slow flame.

Add the savoy cabbage cut in stripes and sautè for 5 minutes. Cover and let it cook on a slow flame for 10-15 minutes then uncover the pan to let the vegetables water evapourate.

Add the pine-nuts (a bit roasted in another pan) and the raisins put before in cold water for about ten minutes.

While the savoy cabbage is cooling down, roll the dough in two pastries for a baking pan of about 10 inches diameter.

Riddle the dogh with holes, put the tepid stuffing inside and close with the other dough. Riddle it with holes as well, put some evo oil and few salt.

Bake at 350°F for 35-40 minutes.

Let it cool down and cut in slices. Et voilà!

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