I promised I would have given you a light recipe after Christmas binges and here it is!

This salad is such a fresh dish to be served as appetizer, entry or side dish. You will be surprised by its taste that perfectly goes with many courses and expecially how original can be using simple ingredients like fennels and oranges.

The ingredients have to be top quality of course.

You can customize this salad with other ingredients, adding crispy linum or sunflower seeds or thin cut carrots. Try it together with a tasty bread like rye one, or with nuts or olives.

And you will see in this case that lightness doesn’t mean sadness!



1 fennel

1 orange

2 hanfuls of black olives

very good evo oil


black pepper


Wash the fennel, cut in quarters and then in very thin slices.

Do the same with orange after peeling it. Pit black olives and cut them in half.

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and dress the salad with salt, evo oil, black pepper and if you like few drops of apple vinegar.

And voilà, it’s done!

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