Here a typical Italian delicacy to reuse feast left-overs to create a new magic dish, eating twice with one main ingredient.

Here something you can add to have beautiful mixed boiled meatballs, just use your fantasy and choose what you like more. You can modify the quantity of the ingredients according to your tastes, you will love them, Ginger’s guarantee!


about 800 g of mixed boiled meat without bones

150 g of mortadella

1 boiled potato

3 or 4 eggs (put them one by one)

some tbsp of Parmesan cheese

grated skin of half a lemon


chopped parsley




Chop the meat with a mixer or a blender and add all the other ingredients until the compound is compact and workable.

Prepare the meatballs giving the shape you prefer, bread them with eggs and bread crumbs and fry in abundant canola oil until golden brown and serve them with a fresh salad.

If you don’t want to fry cook them (without breading) in a creamy tomato sauce for about 20 minutes.

Anyway…in how many seconds will the meatballs disappear?

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