Nothing greedier and apparently impossible to make at home. Absolutely wrong! And here’s the proof.

And if you want to enjoy fats, which sometimes is almost healthy, it’s much better to prepare this delicacy at home instead of going to the supermarket to buy the well-known one. Please, don’t be scared by seeing butter and cream necessary for the spread result…if you have any doubts, just read the label on top of your commercial spread: this one is nothing!

And it’s ok even for children (not too young of course!). As usual, you just need top quality ingredients.

But now stop talking and let’s go to the stove, you will prepare this delicacy in less then 10 minutes.


INGREDIENTS (for a 500 g capacity jar)

200 g of dark chocolate (50% or more)

80 g of whole toasted hazelnuts

50-70 g of sugar

50 g of butter

100 g of fresh cream

10 tbsp of milk



Prepare a pot for the bain-marie cooking. Into the bowl put on top of the pot, pour chocolate, butter, cream and milk. Now switch the flame on, it has to be slow.

Chop in a blender the nuts together with the sugar until they create a sort of cream. Add them to chocolate and let the sugar melt. Once everything is well mixed – you won’t need more then 10 minutes – pour the spread into an airtight jar (which you have sterilized before).

Let the spread rest for 30 minutes and…all the rest is joy!



Ça vais sans dire…chocolate lovers will already know the secret of putting a bit of salt on your slice of bread and homemade chocolate spread…


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