Ode to the ancient poor Roman cooking, always delicious.

Simple and first quality ingredients to obtain an amazing dish that will be loved even by children and fish skeptics. Ray fish is very simple to work because it has no bones and you will find already skined and ready for this preparation: infact we use just the wings.

I propose you this soup in its white version, but you can find it even with tomatoes, it’s up to you. No more excuses then, you must try this delicacy…you will love it just smelling it!



1 roman broccolo

2 ray fish wings (about 1 kg)

1 celery rib

1 carrot

1 onion

some parsley stem

2 or 3 anchovies in oil

1 clove of garlic

½ a glass of white wine

some tbsp of tomato sauce (OPTIONAL)

200 g of broken spaghetti (or maltagliati)

evo oil

chili pepper




Start preparing the broth pouring in cold water celery, carrot, onion, parsley stems, few salt and rinsed ray fish. Turn the flame on and slowly boil for 20 minutes. After that, drain the fish and scrape off the meat with a spoon. It will be very easy. Keep the fish apart. Remove skin and cartilage and put the fish carcass in the broth again.

Divide broccolo in same size pieces and wash it well. In a pan put some evo oil and garlic, cook slowly until golden brown and remove it. Put the flame slow and let the anchovies melt into the oil. Add chili pepper, tomato sauce (if you decide for the red version) and broccolo. After few minutes add the white wine, let it evapourate and slowly add the broth to cook broccolo, which has to stay crisp.

After 5-7 minutes about, add pasta directly inside the broccolo and cook it. Add broth if necessary.

Once pasta is ready, put in the plate and add the ray fish. Finish with some evo oil and serve it very hot.


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