“Sartù” is a delicious dish from Puglia and Campania cooking and it can be prepared with so many variations. Ginger’s recipe is coming from a friend living in Lecce, Puglia, who made me discovered this delicacy that I can’t stop cooking since years.

This first course is for you all! Very easy to prepare, come on guys!



250 g of rice for risotto (arborio, carnaroli, roma…)

350 g of minced beef meat

250 g of mozzarella cut in cubes

2 eggs

some tbsp of Parmesan cheese


milk to taste

butter to taste

bread crumbs to taste



Brown the minced meat in a pan with few evo oil. Boil the rice for the half time written on the box, drain it with a bit of its own cooking water and add meat, mozzarella, beaten eggs, Parmesan cheese and nutmeg.

Pour the compound in a greased and breaded baking pan, then cover the rice with milk. Baking pan has to be quite big because rice has to be not too high. Cover with bread crumbs and small pieces of butter.

Bake at 350°F for 20-30 minutes until rice has absorbed milk and the surface is crisp.


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