I am pleased to share with you this ancient recipe from my family, come with no changement from great-grandmother Amalia to me. Everytime I make it I recover the family tastes I grew up with. This is a very laborious dish to prepare but I hope you will make an attempt because the joy you will feel will be endless!

And…Merry Christmas!


For the dough

500 g of flour

5 eggs


For the stuffing

400 g of lean beef meat

300 g of pork loin

2 sausages

700 g of top quality 24 months seasoned parmesan cheese

400 g of bread crumbs

1 big onion

12 eggs

50 g of butter

2 spoons of tomato paste




Slowly brown the onion in the butter and add all the meat to make the juices coming out and the peeled sausages.

Boil 1 liter and 700 ml of water and pour it on the meat, add the tomato paste and cook for at least 5 or 6 hours on a slow flame and covered.

Then drain the meat, mince it with a mincer and pour it in the remaining liquid in the pan. Mix well to create a compound.

Add bread crumbs, eggs (one per time), parmesan cheese, netmeg and salt. The compound has to be thick and savoury: the dough will make the taste lighter.

And now the best part! Make the dough thin and put a bit of stuffing on top of it. Cover with other dough and cut cappelletti with the special tool or with a small glass.

Cook them in a boiling meat broth for about 10 minutes and…get ready for the big delight!

Merry Christmas!

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