We all love this simple and delicate dessert.

Ginger explains you how to prepare it and you will see how easy it is! Just be careful to the quantity of sugar and isinglass to reach the perfect texture.



500 ml of fresh cream

80 g of icing sugar

3 sheets of isinglass

1 vanilla bean


Soak the isinglass in cold water.

In a pot put the cream, the icing sugar and the vanilla bean cut in lenght, mix and cook on a slow flame until the cream touch lightly the boiling point. Switch the flame off, remove the vanilla bean and add squeezed isinglass. Mix until melted.

Filter the compound and put into the moulds, let it cool down, cover with a plastic foil and put in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

Garnish the panna cotta with chocolate, caramel or berries sauce, but alone – in its own semplicity – it is absolutely perfect .

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