A very famous and typical recipe from Vicenza city to enjoy one of the most tasty fish ever: cod!

And this is a nice italian idea for the Christmas dinner!



800 g of cod (to whom salt has been removed)

2 onions

2 anchovies in salt or in oil

40 g of parmesan cheese

1 tbsp of parsley

4 tbsp of flour

evo oil qb

1 clove of garlic

half litre of milk

salt and pepper

slices of crispy polenta to combine with the dish



Cut the cod in slices of about 2 inches, remove the fishbone and the skin.

Chop the onions very thin and cook in a pan with evo oil together with garlic (to remove when golden brown), anchovies, chopped parsley, salt and pepper. Cook for 5 minutes then add the parmesan cheese mixing well.

Cover the cod in flour and stuff the slices like a sandwich with the compound.

In a pan put some evo oil, add the cod and cover it with the rest of the compound. Cook for 2 minutes then cover with milk.

Cook covered and on a very slow flame for 1 hour and half gently shaking sometimes the pan to be sure that the cod doesn’t stick.

Serve with slices of crispy polenta.


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