Coffee is everywhere one of the most consumed beverage, we drink it every day and each of us has is preferences concerning roasting point, cup, temperature…

Here’s a suggestion for a different way of tasting coffee, adding smell of spices. Everything is home made and totally healthy.

There are many spices that go well together with coffee and you can choose between classical or more original combination. Cocoa, cinnamom, star anise, cardamom, nutmeg, chili pepper and many others.

But there are not fixed quantities, it dipends on your tastes and how big is your coffee maker!

Anyway, let’s give an example: for an energetic coffee add together with the coffee two teaspoons of cocoa powder, to close a lunch add two star anise berries, if you need a “zing!” add half a teaspoon of chili pepper powder.

And once you’ve tried you will want to combine the spices…cocoa, cinnamom and cardamom, cocoa and chili pepper, star anise and nutmeg…and what else? Tell me one combo please!

Hot, cold, shaken, italian or american style the result will be a hit!

Don’t you already smell the perfume all around the kitchen?

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