In Rome tradition suggest to eat gnocchi on Thursday. Potatoes gnocchi with a golden rule: floury potaoes to avoid to add too much flour and no eggs…otherwise is too simple! Last but not least, flour has to be always 1/5 of the potatoes quantity.

No fear guys…ready for a king dish?

INGREDIENTS for 4 people

1 kg potatoes

200 g of flour




Boil potatoes with skin putting them in cold water, turn on the flame until reach the boiling point and let them cook. Drain and peel while they are still hot, then mash with potato masher, put in a bowl and let them cool off. This is very important: potatoes have to be completely cold.

Add few salt and flour, start kneading quickly until the compound is smooth.

Take a little part of compound and roll it to create a small “salami”, cut in small pieces and roll gnocchi gently with the side of a fork.

Boil gnocchi in abundant salted water removing them with a sieve as they emerge.

Season gnocchi with tomato sauce, or with butter, sage and Parmesan cheese, or with Bolognese sauce.

Gnocchi di patate

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