A dessert to pamper ourselves, to start a beautiful day or for a simple and delicious snack.

These sweet ravioli are easy to prepare and they are the perfect choice instead of unhealthy supermarket biscuits!


INGREDIENTS (for about 30 ravioli)


500 g of flour

200 g of butter

200 g of sugar

2 eggs

one lemon’s grated skin



200 g of ricotta cheese

1 tbsp of sugar

80 g of grated dark chocolate


Make the pasta mixing all the ingredients, work it quickly and let it stand in the fridge covered with a plastic foil for 30 minutes.

Mix ricotta cheese with sugar and add grated chocolate.

Roll the pasta and create many disk-shaped biscuit with the help of a glass. Put a bit of stuffing and fold up each raviolo pressing well with fingers to close it properly.

Put in the oven at 325°F for 20 minutes. Once cool, put some icing sugar on the surface.

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