Oh yes, we are leaving.

Ginger is packing her kitchen, a Parisian spring is waiting for…buttery dishes! Ginger for Breakfast will be received in a very french house in Place de la Nation ready to preapre bread, pizza and italian delicacies for french friends and french ones for herself. Get ready for new skills!

Ginger will be in Paris during April and May, spring awaits us to discover boulangeries, pâtisseries, bistrot and my beloved tarte tatin.

I will tell secrets and steal more for you when I will be back. In the meantime take advantage of Ginger’s kitchen until here, fix parties and celebrations within the 28 of March, come on!

Last but not least, how many friends have you got in Paris? Tell everyone Ginger is coming to prepare delicacies through baguette and Champagne, soon we will be together again my dear friends!

Vive l’Italie a Paris, cin cin!

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